IMAP Celebrates 50 Years of Mergers & Acquisitions

IMAP Celebrates 50 Years of Mergers & Acquisitions

Capital West is a proud partner in IMAP (International Mergers and Acquisitions Partnership), a leading global organization with a 50-year track record, more than 450 M&A professionals, and a presence in 40+ countries. In commemoration of IMAP’s 50th anniversary, we are pleased to share this short video that looks back over IMAP’s history.

Starting in 1973 as a small group of independent firms from around the USA who were united by their need to grow, reach new markets and create opportunities for clients, the National Association of Merger and Acquisition Consultants (NAMAC) was formed. The transformative journey was taken internationally, joining top, strategically placed M&A advisories around the world. And, in 1993, became IMAP. Fifteen years later, IMAP underwent a pivotal restructuring to elevate its global image, combine resources, and expand its international footprint.

Today, IMAP is proud to be one of the world’s top ten middle-market M&A advisors. And it’s all down to the strength of our partnership and dedication of our teams. Individual catalysts, together we become agents of change around the world.

Client needs, market conditions, technology, it’s all changing every day. Our mission is to keep our clients thriving and having a positive impact on local economies, whether we’re advising a family office or a large corporation, guiding an entrepreneur through critical business moments or working with institutional investors.

As we look towards the next half century, we realize it’s essential not only to have a leadership team equipped to navigate new challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities, but also to identify and develop the next generation of leaders. Therefore, at IMAP, commitment to talent development and career progression, helping to attract and retain top talent is key.

We’re transforming into a global reference in middle-market M&A. But however we evolve, we’ll stay as devoted to personal relationships as we were in ‘73.

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