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Capital West’s comprehensive range of services helps businesses address the complexities of the current marketplace. Our clients trust us to partner with them to deliver on their objectives, from concept to completion.

We will serve as your advisor, partner, and behind-the-scenes team every step of the way.

The road to a successful deal is paved with risk and opportunity. Don’t go it alone.

  • Divestitures

    We are experts in delivering maximum value for your business.

    Capital West has the proven expertise to navigate clients through the complexity of selling a business, to position your business to achieve the highest price and negotiate other terms and conditions to serve you best.

    Selling a business requires financial expertise at every stage of the process. Our in-house team takes every step to maximize shareholder value including preparing detailed financial models, producing compelling marketing materials, creating competitive tension among a qualified group of purchasers, negotiating the terms of sale and providing strategic and financial advice at every stage.

  • Strategic Financings

    We find the right financing partner to help optimally capitalize your business and position you for success.

    We have an extensive track record of delivering to businesses a financing partner that best meets their needs, whether it be providing liquidity for the owners, funding for growth, additional expertise to help enhance the business, or all of the above. We have a deep knowledge of a wide range of financing alternatives and specific finance providers, including senior and subordinated debt, preferred and common equity, and other innovative structures. Every situation is different, and we customize the right situation for you.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Whether you are merging with or acquiring another business, we ensure you achieve the ideal result.

    Capital West has extensive experience in all aspects of the process, from sourcing and assessing merger and acquisition targets for qualities such as market and operational similarities, to valuing the synergistic benefits, developing and negotiating a deal structure that works for all parties, and seeing the transaction through to closing.

  • Fairness Opinions & Valuations

    See the true worth of your business or your acquisition target through expert, independent eyes.

    Valuation is truly at the heart of every deal. One of our core strengths is business valuation. We perform rigorous due diligence, create detailed financial models, and use our deep market knowledge and extensive experience to determine the value and provide formal fairness opinions of proposed transactions. With several experienced Chartered Professional Accountants and Chartered Business Valuators on our team, our valuation experience is deep.

    Our work ensures you meet the requirements of your shareholders, special committees, boards and securities regulators. Our true independence is often a critical requirement for our role, and it withstands the most stringent corporate governance standards.

  • Financial Advisory

    Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive, independent and practical financial advice.

    Clients retain us to provide expert advice and analysis on various aspects of their business strategy and financial situation, including restructurings, recapitalizations, shareholder value optimization, dividend policy, initial public offerings and project feasibility reviews.

    Often our role comprises helping clients to resolve tough issues in challenging circumstances, including financial overhauls to satisfy a range of stakeholders such as founders, other shareholders and creditors. Our solutions may include renegotiated terms with creditors, asset dispositions, strategic new financings, or other actions.